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Biology 201 - Fall 2014 - Instructor: Amy Lawrence: Home


BIO 201 – Intro to Biology


1. Choose a topic related to biology that interests you.  You may want to skim chapter titles or sections in your text book to get ideas. List the topic below.

2. Attend the library session during lab time with your class.

3. Find two recent (published since 2010) references that address your selected topic using the research techniques you learn during the library session.   One reference should be from a popular media source (e.g., magazine or newspaper) and one reference should be from a peer-reviewed journal

4. Use American Psychological Association (APA) style documentation to cite each reference below

5.  Skim each article.  Indicate whether the following sections are present in each article type:  (See lab lecture notes and review pages 4-9 of your lab manual for further guidance on what each section might look like.)



Check if present

Popular media

Peer-reviewed journal

Introduction (with background   research, question)






Methods/Experimental Design









References/Works Cited



Qualifications of authors



Figures (graphs, tables)






6. Read both articles thoroughly.

   a. Which article provides more helpful and understandable information about the topic?  Why?

   b.  Do the references contain any conflicting information?  Explain.

Assignment Word Document

Assignment Submission Instructions

  1. Open Word document in the above box.  Save it to your network drive. Your network drive will be a Z: drive that shows your name.

  2. Fill out the Word document according to the assignment instructions.  Save your document again to your Z: drive.
  3. Go to Canvas:  https://olympic.instructure.com/login
  4. Go to your class Biol 201
  5. Click on Assignments linked on the left
  6. Click on your assignment to open it.
  7. Click the "Submit Assignment" link at the  top right.
  8. Browse to the document you saved in your Z: drive
  9. Submit assignment.


After this class, you will be able to:


  • Find and use our databases useful for science topics


  • Identify the purpose and audience of potential resources (e.g., popular vs. scholarly articles)


  • Use basic search techniques such as using Boolean Operators, the Advanced Search, Limits by date


  • Use APA documentation style to cite a source.