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HIST/HUMAN 230: Writing & Citing in MLA

Films in American Culture - Carmen Hoover

  More citation help

  The Basics


New for 2009! Each citation must declare the format, such as Print, Web, DVD, Videocassette, Television, etc.

New for 2009! Titles of books and journals are now italicized instead of underlined.

New for 2009!  If a date is not available for an electronic format, write n.d. for no date; if a publisher is not named on a Web site, write n.p. for no publisher; if a page number is not given for online journal or database articles, write n.pag. for no pagination.


New for 2009! URLs are not required.  However, you are welcome to provide the URL if the citation information may not help the reader easily find the source on their own. Your instructor may also require you to provide URLs.