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MLA (7th edition) Documentation Style: Print & Video Sources

7th edition

Examples: Print & Video Sources

Book with one author

Smith, Noel W. An Analysis of Ice Age Art: Its Psychology and Belief System. New

         York: Peter Lang Pub., 1992. Print.

Book with two or three authors

Donohoe, Tom, and Neil Johnson. Foul Play: Drug Abuse in Sports. Oxford:

         Blackwell, 1987. Print.

Note: if there are four or more authors, list the first author that appears on the title page/citation, followed by “et al.” or you may give all names in full, in the order in which they appear on the title page.

Essay in an anthology

Weissman, James. “World Health Has Worsened.” The Health Crisis: Opposing

         Viewpoints. Ed. Barbara Szumski. San Diego: Greenhaven, 1989. 17-26. Print.

Encyclopedia article

Sobieszek, Robert. “Photography.” The World Book Encyclopedia. 1998 ed. Print.

Magazine article

Murphy, Astin. “Make Way for the Ducks.” Sports Illustrated 29 Sept. 2003: 54-59. Print.

Newspaper article

Callimachi, Rukmini. “Bi-Mart Offers Employee Buyout.” The Seattle Times 19 Feb.

         2004: E3. Print.

Journal article

Rogoff, Kenneth. “Globalization and Global Disinflation.” Economic Review 88.4 (2003):

         45-79. Print.

Government publication

United States. Congressional Budget Office. The Economic and Budget Outlook: Fiscal

         Years 1999-2008. Washington: GPO, 1998. Print.

Television or radio program

“The Great Inca Rebellion.” NOVA. Narr. Jay O. Sanders. PBS. KCTS, Seattle, 17

         Mar. 2009. Television.

Motion picture (Video cassette)

Wiping the Tears of Seven Generations. Dir. Gary Rhine and Fidel Moreno. Kifaru

          Productions, 1992. Videocassette.

Motion picture (DVD)

Smoke Signals. Dir. Chris Eyre. Perf. Adam Beach, Evan Adams, Irene Bedard, Gary

          Farmer and Tantoo Cardinal. Miramax, 2005. DVD