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Syllabus: Examples

Your syllabus guides students through your class by outlining expectations, timelines and rubrics. But does it get the student excited? This guide explores the basic tenets, current theories & best practices for college-level syllabi.

Arts & Humanities

African American History 118 (Harvard)  Readings are hot-linked directly out of the syllabus. This syllabus also uses graphical design to create clear divisions using boxes, as well as color to liven up the format. An appropriate sepia image sets the mood at the top of page 1.

Typography One. Type as Image (Carnegie Mellon)   This creative syllabus mirrors a creative course.  Different type faces and a number of visuals start the students off immediately in the world of the course and set a tone where innovation is expected.

Math and Science

Math 19a (Harvard)  Just the facts ma'am.  Clear, succinct and all there.

Chemical Engineering Kinetics (Carnegie Mellon)   Also factual, but this syllabus features a concept map showing how the topics interrelate.

Syllabus for an online class

Social Sciences

Psychology 1557 (Harvard) This syllabus is especially good at defining the expectations of the professor. For example, he states"Good quality contribution to class discussion is defined as thoughtful, appropriately frequent, and considerate input."

Social Psychology (University of Colorado_Boulder) Clear objectives for the class right up front, and easy to follow lay out, and a good example of a long (10 pages) syllabus.

Syllabus Workshop - Practice for All Disciplines