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Syllabus: Recommended Syllabus Statements

Your syllabus guides students through your class by outlining expectations, timelines and rubrics. But does it get the student excited? This guide explores the basic tenets, current theories & best practices for college-level syllabi.

Recommended Syllabus Statements

These are statements you can add to your syllabus to address a number of important issues. Feel free to copy and paste them.

The Writing Center

Wording that you can cut and paste or adapt as you choose about the Writing Center, supplied by Professor Terri Major, Director of the Writing Center.

The Writing Center:

 The Writing Center on the Bremerton campus is located in HSS 312.  It's open hours, usually Monday - Friday vary, consult: www.olympic.edu/services/tutoring-services/writing-center. Students may make appointments with a tutor or drop in on a space-available basis.  The Center also has computers to work on any type of writing assignment, not just for English classes. Help is available at the point you need it.  Tutors will not edit your papers, but will work with you on specific issues to help you become better writers. 

The Writing Center also has a Canvas site, so you may also submit papers online for feedback.  Be sure to follow the directions carefully and give all the information requested, so that the tutors will be able to give you targeted feedback, based on your assignment.  The Writing Center offers extra credit points for each appointment with a tutor or for drafts submitted for online feedback.Tutors can also sign the draft paper to show you attended the appointment.     

To submit papers online, you must self-enroll in the Writing Center ‘class’.  To self-enroll, go to this page:  https://olympic.instructure.com/enroll/33F7FK

Then, at the self-enrollment box, enter your Canvas Log in (SID number) and Canvas password.  If you have any trouble enrolling in this ‘class’, please contact distancelearning@olympic.edu or call (360) 475-7770.

The Writing Center and Canvas:

The Writing Center is available through Canvas. Students wishing to submit papers and receive assistance can do so online.  Students can self-enroll at https://olympic.instructure.com/enroll/33F7FK 

Then, at the self-enrollment box, they enter your Canvas Log in (SID number) and your Canvas password.  If you experience any difficulty enrolling, you should contact  distancelearning@olympic.edu or 360 475-7770


Title IX Syllabus Statement

"Olympic College seeks to maintain a learning and working environment that is safe, welcoming, and respectful of the dignity of all members of the campus community.  Accordingly, the College prohibits discrimination on the bases of race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, veteran status and all other protected classifications.  If you witness or encounter any such discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, or other sexual misconduct, you are encouraged to report it to the Title IX Officer, Cheryl Nuñez, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion at cnunez@olympic.edu (360) 475-7125 or the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, David Slown, Executive Director for Human Resource Services at dslown@olympic.edu (306) 475-7300, who will assist you in connecting with all possible resources.  You may also report it online (and anonymously, if you wish) at Report It, OC! at https://publicdocs.maxient.com/incidentreport.php?OlympicCollege or seek confidential counseling from the Counseling Faculty at (360) 475-7530.  For more information about your options go to http://www.olympic.edu/about-olympic-college/nondiscriminationaccessibility."

Suggested statement supplied by Athena Prado Higgins, Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Office of Equity & Inclusion 

Turnitin Policy

If you are using Turnitin to check the originality of student work,  use this statement to talk about Academic Dishonesty, your policy in the course, and provide a link for students that demonstrates how to use and read their Turnitin results:

"Academic Dishonesty is not tolerated in this course or in this college. This course follows the academic honesty guidelines outlined by Olympic College.  See Olympic College policy for Academic Dishonesty and Disciplinary Proceedings in the Student Conduct Code.

This quarter Olympic College is participating in a pilot for the use of Turnitin.com anti-plagiarism software.  Turnitin.com is a service that helps prevent plagiarism by comparing student submissions with Turnitin’s continuously growing database of student source documents, Internet sources, and published material.

This course is one of the courses sharing in the pilot opportunity.  All assignments will be turned in utilizing Turnitin.com as a means of determining the originality and research quality of each student’s work.   By taking this course, students agree that all assignments are subject to originality review and any potential disciplinary actions.  Assignments submitted to Turnitin.com by the student or instructor will become part of their database and will be used for plagiarism prevention and detection.  Student papers, however, will remain the intellectual property of the author.

The following video provides some key information and basic training on how to use and read information in Turnitin in Canvas:


Technology is NOT an Excuse

Procrastination is the number one reason why work is not completed by the scheduled due date. You must manage your time! Look ahead at your schedule, plan around your busy times, and establish time to complete your learning and assessment activities. Start your work early. DO your work well before the DUE date to avoid those last-minute emergency or technical situations that may arise to prevent you from completing activities on time. For example, if you are uploading your work at 11:50 p.m. on the due date and your Internet connection fails, that is a procrastination issue. It’s Murphy’s Law that problems are apt to occur when you rush.

If a campus-wide problem occurs (such as a network outage) that impacts the ability of all students to complete activities as scheduled, your instructor will make appropriate accommodations. If you are having individual technical or computer difficulties, it is your responsibility to use the computers on campus or through another source to meet due dates. Computers are available to you in the OC libraries and in the computer labs on all OC campuses.  Check with the campus closest to you for computer lab locations and times of operation.

It's on the Syllabus

eLearning Support

Olympic College has support for students enrolled in distance learning courses. The eLearning office can help you log into Canvas, find classes in Canvas or other online systems, and show you how to use Canvas and other technologies used in your class. From Monday through Thursday, 9:00-5:00 and Friday 9:00-4:00, you can call (360) 475-7770, visit us in the lower level of Haselwood Library or email distancelearning@olympic.edu

Information Technology Help Desk

The Information Technology Department has a Help Desk for students needing help logging into their student email accounts, campus/classroom computers, the college wireless network, and many other technical issues. Help Desk associates are located in each computer lab on campus, in Room 216 of the College Service Center, and by phone (360) 475-7600 Monday - Friday from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 -11:30 am or by email at helpdesk@olympic.edu