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ENGL 99 - Hoover: Leadership Definition: Seven Sentences with Seven Features

Leadership Definition: Seven Sentences with Seven Features

Leadership: Seven Sentences

Leadership: Seven Sentences

1—Using sources to enhance your ideas, define leadership in 1-3 paragraphs. Then…

2--Choose seven leaders you admire.  They could be well-known, or members of your family—choose any people you truly admire for their contribution to good on Earth. (From this assignment, you might also use relevant sentences for your own Mechanics Guide.) Each sentence should reveal key information about what you admire, and what you think his or her significance is as a leader.

For Pre-writing, use the following method for each person, and use this as a checklist:







Little known fact:


Each sentence should be constructed in different way—If you start each sentence with a different type of information (one with “who,” one with “what” etc.), you will probably be fine.  Each should contain all seven elements. Each must be correct, using all tools available to you.


Who:                Rev. MLK

What:              Civil right leader, champion of the poor of all races

When:              1950s and 1960s

Where:            USA, esp. the South

Why:                To fulfill constitutional and God-given human rights for all

How:                Love, non-violence, civil disobedience, organizing regular people, appeal to power &   authority & media

Little Known:   Survived a fall from 2nd story window as a child. Survived an assailant who stabbed him in the chest with a knife

Sentence: The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., driven by his beliefs in both God and the Constitution, built his mid-20th century civil rights legacy on the principles of love, and worked to fulfill the promise of America for all who live here with a spirit of inclusion that was undeterred even after surviving a knife attack early in his career.