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Policies: Information Literacy Instruction

What's new?

OC Librarians have always provided research instruction for students.  We do not have a "canned" presentation; instead we work with course faculty to create unique sessions that are relevant to the needs of each class, based on the course outcomes and current course assignments. We are simply formalizing what we've already been doing, with an actual mission statement and policy. 

Please note that our policy reflects some changes to previous practices, which we feel will greatly benefit student learning.  These include scheduling your session(s) at least one week in advance, providing library faculty with a current, relevant research assignment (we can help design one if you don't already have one), and attending class with your students for every session you schedule.

Library Instruction Program Policy

Library Instruction Program Policy (abridged)


Library faculty are committed to providing quality, up-to-date information literacy instruction. In our Bremerton classroom, equipped with a teaching workstation and 32 student computers, we provide a hands-on introduction to various kinds of research tools. Computer classrooms can also be reserved at Poulsbo and Shelton for library instruction at those campuses.  Students learn to use tools such as library catalogs, reference databases, periodical databases, and internet search engines and subject directories. Some instructors prefer a walking tour, while others prefer a specific focus, e.g. how to choose and narrow a research topic, how to evaluate Web content, and how to use Boolean logic in a search. We always tailor instruction to your specific needs, assignments, and outcomes.

To ensure the best possible learning experience for your students, we have established some minimum requirements for scheduling instruction, providing assignments, and attending our workshops.


Schedule Library instruction sessions at least one week in advance.  This allows the library faculty time to:

  • Schedule the appropriate room for your preferred date and time
  • Tailor the instruction to fit your students’ needs
  • Compile appropriate materials and design effective guides


Provide an up-to-date course syllabus and a written description of relevant class assignments at least one week in advance (Sorry, we can’t put you on our calendar without these!)  With your cooperation:

  • Library faculty are able to more fully understand and incorporate the learning objectives for the course into the session.
  • Library faculty are able to design a unique session that is immediately relevant to students’ actual research needs, greatly benefitting students.
  • Students can immediately apply research concepts to relevant required assignments, which greatly increases their interest and their retention of those concepts.
  • If a faculty member does not have a relevant class assignment, library faculty are happy to collaborate in the design of an assignment or series of assignments to reinforce concepts of information literacy, critical analysis, & lifelong learning.

Faculty Attendance

Attend library instruction sessions with your students.  When you participate:

  • Students benefit from the combined knowledge of the librarian and the faculty member.
  • You can provide definitive answers to questions about assignment requirements.
  • The value of the library, and of scholarly research, are reinforced.
  • You can keep abreast of what your students are learning.

Ready to schedule instruction?

To schedule your library/research instruction session and begin collaborating with your fellow library faculty, please email us at librarians@olympic.edu.  Including your current syllabus and research-related course assignment(s) will greatly facilitate scheduling.