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ENGL 99 - Ogo: Databases with Scholarly Articles

How to find Scholarly and Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

There is no comprehensive source for identifying all peer-reviewed or scholarly journals.  However, the databases listed below (Academic Search Premier, CINAHL, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, and ProQuest) allow you to to filter results to peer-reviewed and/or scholarly articles only. 

The second group of databases (AnthroSource, ERIC, JSTOR, PubMed and ScienceDirect) contain mostly scholarly articles, so they do not have the same filter.

For more information about the characteristics of peer reviewed and scholarly articles, see "Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Periodicals" tab above.

Peer Review/Scholarly filter available in these databases

These databases provide a filter to limit your search results.  For example, in EBSCOhost databases, you will see this check box under "Limits":

Databases with predominantly scholarly journal articles