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ENGL 99 - Ogo: Popular Magazines vs. Scholarly Jounals


"PERIODICALS" are materials that are published periodically, often on a regular schedule.  Newspapers, magazines, and journals are all examples of periodicals.


Newspaper articles:

♦ are usually published daily or weekly;

♦ present news or events that happened within the past day or week;

♦ are written by journalists who may or may not have expertise in the topic of the article;

♦ strive to be unbiased;

♦ are often considered a "primary resource" because it reports the events when they are happening.


Magazine articles:

♦ are usually published weekly or monthly;

♦ present news or events that happened the previous week or weeks;

♦ provide a more comprehensive view than a newspaper article;

♦ are written by staff writers, journalists, or guest authors;

♦ may have a general political bias;

♦ have lots of advertisements;

♦ often written at lower reading levels to make them more accessible.


Trade Publications:

♦ are usually published weekly, monthly, or quarterly;

♦ written by practitioners employed in a particular field;

♦ written for other practioners employed in that particular field;

♦ may contain language and jargon specific to a particular field;

♦ often report news in a particular field, or summarize important research in the field;

♦ advertisements are specific to that field and often include related materials or conferences.


Scholarly/Peer Reviewed Journals:

♦ are usually published monthly, quarterly, annually, or sometimes weekly;

♦ often report original research, making them a primary resource;

♦ are VERY specific in nature, NOT a broad overview of a topic.

♦ written by experts in a particular field and include some biographical information on the author including their credentials;

♦ written for other experts in that field;

♦ are rigorously reviewed by a board of other experts ("peer-reviewed") before being chosen for publication;

♦ usually contain a lengthy bibliography of sources used and recommended further reading;

♦ contain view graphics except for graphs or charts.


General Purpose Article Databases

These databases are mulit-disciplinary with articles from both magazines and scholarly journals.  ProQuest also contains articles from newspapers.