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Creative Writing: Setting


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Subject Guide


SETTING—Write descriptively about a place.  The setting should be central to the action, almost like the setting is itself an active character or force to be reckoned with in your piece.




--Write a Sestina.  It does not need to be written in meter, but all other requirements must be applied. Feel to use a Sestina “worksheet” to manage your task. Be sure to read a number of Sestinas before attempting to write one.

                --1 poem (seven stanzas in alignment with the rules of Sestinas)



--Some narrative meaning should be revealed through this description. Place should be essential                 to the scene, almost as if the scene is a character. You might try to build on character from last week, if you are writing longer fiction. If you are writing short fiction, you will probably want a new story for this week. If you are focusing on flash- or micro-fiction, you might turn in several pieces this week.

                --2-5 pages


Creative Non-Fiction

--An important element of your story should be revealed through the description or coming-alive of this place.

                --2-5 pages



                --Write a dialogue that accomplishes description of place through conversation.  (Ideas:                Characters should discuss the place? Scene could take place in the dark?  One character could          be blind? A character could be on sense-heightening drugs?)

                --3-6 page scene