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Creative Writing: Dialogue

Subject Guide

Dialogue Assignment

DIALOGUE—This week’s scene or poem will rely heavily on conversation between two or more characters written as a dialogue. A substantial portion of that dialogue should be taken from real conversations that you collect during the week. You may have to eavesdrop, but try to take bits of things actually said by people at home, on the bus, at the store, at work, at school, etc. Try to listen to both adults and children if possible. You must use words said by real people, not anything from TV, radio or film. In your scene/poem italicize the found dialogue.  I would suggest carrying a notebook with you every place you go so that you can copy dialogue on the spot.



                --You may use any form you like (a received form or one that you invent) for this poem, but you

                must include dialogue, some of it found.  You might not have characters speaking directly to one

                another, and that is fine—just be sure that the dialogue voices are used imaginatively.

                --1 poem

                --Attach form requirements to your poem

                --Italicize found dialogue


                --Develop a scene that relies heavily on dialogue, some of it found.

                --2-5 pages

                --Italicize found dialogue

Creative Non-Fiction

--You may be able to reconstruct dialogue from an experience and work it in to your project.

                This would be plan A.

                --If not, it may be a fictionalized                reconstruction of a real event using found dialogue.

                --2-5 pages

                --Italicize found dialogue


                --Write a scene (with two or more characters) that uses a substantial amount of found dialogue. 

                Please try to move your plot forward with this scene.

                --3-6 pages

                --Italicize found dialogue