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Creative Writing: Character Mix-up

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Subject Guide

Character Mix-up Assignment








CHARACTER MIX-UP—This week, I would like one or more of your characters to meet one or more of the other characters being written about in the class.  The two (or more) characters should have some significant interaction (or, in the case of poets, the poem might be about a character that someone else has created).  Write the other person’s character as accurately as you can based on what you’ve seen of him or her so far.  Hint: this is meant to be a fun assignment. Don’t put your name on your assignment this week.



--Choose a specific form (or create a form and attach the rules).

--You might write an ode to another’s character. You might reimagine action as a lyric scene. Your poem might be the internal monologue of another’s character.

                --You might consider a gloss, using some actual writing about character from another student’s                 work.  Feel free to invent variations of the form you choose.

                --1 poem



                --2-5 page scene


Creative Non-fiction

                --2-5 page scene



                --3-6 page scene