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ENGL 98 - Ogo: Annotated Bibliography Assignment: Home

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

  1. Choose a debatable topic. It can be any topic you find interesting, just make sure you are very interested in learning and writing about it because this will also be the topic for your next essay. Take care to ensure that it isn’t too broad or too narrow.
  2. Find 6 sources related to your topic, at least 3 of them must be scholarly.
  3. Summarize and evaluate these sources following the instructions given in the example below. Each annotation will have four parts: a citation, a summary, an assessment and a reflection.
  4. Remember to use MLA format for the citation. Don’t forget about your Rules for Writers handbook and Citation Machine for help in creating those citations!

Your Instructor

Odessa Ogo

792-6050 x1792


Checklist for a Good Paper:

  • My final paper has been PROOFREAD
  • My final paper has been spell-checked
  • My final paper has the font size and spacing requested by my instructor
  • My name is typed on each page of the paper

And Don't Forget to Ask for Help - your reference Librarians are an excellent resource: for this assignment and for research long after you graduate.