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BIO 104 – Plant Biology - Dr. Jennifer Floyd: Home

Biology 104 is an introductory course in plant biology. Topics to be covered are the structure and function of plant cells, tissues, and organs, such as roots, stems, leaves, and flowers: concepts of biological evolution and classification; the diversity

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer W. Floyd    Office Hours: Before/after class, or by appt.    Phone: 858-337-9544    Email: jfloyd@olympic.edu

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Express the nature of the scientific study and specifically how certain botanical discoveries were made.
  2. Understand the parts of the cell, its basic chemistry and how it is the basic unit of life.
  3. Describe major plant organs: stem root, and leaf, and how plants obtain and use water and nutrients.
  4. Explain the processes of photosynthesis and respiration and their role in plant metabolism.
  5. Describe the theory of evolution and how it explains the development of different plant forms and their response to the environment.
  6. Describe how plants reproduce through floral and other reproductive structure. Explain cell division, mitosis, and meiosis. 
  7. Understand basic Mendelian concepts of genetics and their development, as well, as the present day knowledge of the genetic code and how it is expressed.
  8. Understand the system of botanical naming, and how plant and plant-like organisms are related in evolutionary ways.
  9. Investigate the many ways plants play important roles in our lives as food, medicines, and many other important commercial products.
  10. Understand how ecosystems function and evaluate the impact of activities in the ecosystem, and what results and the future implication that may have.

Course Outline

COURSE ORDER: (subject to Change)    
Topics                                       Assigned Readings
Introduction                                                      Ch 1
Chemistry and Molecules                                Ch 2
Plant Cells                                                       Ch 3
Photosynthesis                                              Ch 10
Respiration                                                    Ch 10
Work on Special Assignments and Projects

Test 1

Plant Tissues                                                  Ch 4
Roots                                                              Ch 5
Stems                                                             Ch 6
Leaves                                                           Ch 7
Flowers, Fruits, and Seeds                            Ch 8

Test 2

Water and Sugar Movement                         Ch 9
Plant Hormones                                          Ch 11
Cell Division                                                Ch 12
DNA and Genetics                                      Ch 13
Plant Propagation and Biotechnology        Ch 14
Work on Special Assignments and Projects

Test 3

Natural Selection                                        Ch 15
Plant Classification          Ch 16, 20 (skim 17-19)
Plant Classification                   Ch 21, 22, 23, 24
Plant Ecology                                       Ch 25, 26

Last week of class     Presentations

Final Exam