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Self-help tools designed to assist in understanding complex copyright issues, in particular, fair use.

What's in this Guide?

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This guide contains several short, self-help tools created to assist faculty in understanding copyright, and in particular, fair-use doctrine as it applies to using the work of others in the classroom.


Copyright  --  a quick guide to U.S. copyright law; useful for putting "fair use" in context

Fair Use -- a quick guide, a checklist, and details for the thorough academic

Getting Permission -- it's easier than you think! Find out how and see how we did it

Public Viewing of Film -- If you use film outside of the classroom, this page is for you

Tutorials, Games & Quizzes -- for active learners

Licensing Agencies -- when you don't qualify for fair use, and you can't get permission, get licensed.

Further Reading -- our extensive, annotated  bibliography

Image: "Control copyright icon" by Xander is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

You may not need to worry about copyright at all

Many items are already licensed for use in the classroom.

 Library-licensed works

Check our library databases and catalogs. We may already have just what you need.


 Creative Commons

Learn how to search Creative Commons. You may find exactly what you need with the rights you need to use it, available online for free.


 Canvas Commons

Use the "Commons" tab in Canvas to find and import courses, modules, assignments, quizzes, discussions, documents, videos, audio, and images!

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