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ENGL 101 - Jung: Home


Welcome to my research guide for Dr. Jung's  English 101, "English Composition".  The guide highlights some of the best resources and strategies for completing your 1,500-word proposal.

During class I will use this guide to demonstrate the research process using my own topic. After working through my example,  you will get ample time to research your own topics.

After your library class, you will know

  • where to go for research help
  • how to find books using the library catalog
  • how to effectively search periodical databases

Your Assignment

Proposal Paper

You’ll write a 1,500-word proposal that

(1) explores where one consumer product of your choice comes from or gets discarded.
(2) addresses labor, health, environmental, social, or economic issues related to the product.
(3) possibly proposes a solution to the issues raised in (2).
(4) contains at least five citations from credible sources. Wikipedia and most dot.com sources are not acceptable.

Scholarly and journalistic pieces found through ProQuest and EbcoHost are most desirable.

Remember that diamonds that we buy for our engagements may come from conflict areas where people’s lives are endangered for the control of this highly desirable commodity.

The movie Blood Diamond covers (1), (2), and (3)--the Kimberly Process.
Start by asking questions: Where do my running shoes come from; where do Valentine’s Day roses come from; what happens to my laptop after I toss it into the garbage bin?