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Business 101 - Pavlik: Your Assignment

Introduction to Business, Pavlik, Fall 2011

Your Assignment

Reading/Writing Assignments:  Students are highly encouraged to read periodicals to become more comfortable with business nomenclature and the wide array of topic areas covered in this survey class.  To help students gain some practical experience in reading about business, students are assigned to research a total of three articles: one article for each report, with a total of three reports due according to the class calendar.  

 EACH report must include one business-related article, and for each article, you must provide a minimum of TWO paragraphs (minimum of 4 sentences per paragraph is required).  For each article, the first paragraph should paraphrase the reader’s description or understanding of the article, and the second paragraph should apply the information, e.g. how you can relate to it by prior experience or by possible scenario, etc.  A copy of the article must be attached to EACH type-written report.

These reports must be formally type-written and will be graded primarily on content, but will also consider grammatical and mechanical presentation, i.e. spelling, punctuation and sentence structure (students are encouraged to use spell-check/grammar-check tools that are provided in MS Word).

 Report format expectations should comply with the following requirements:

·         Heading should include name, report # (1-3) reference, and date

·         Paper should be type-written, double-spaced, 12 pt. font size (remember to use spell checker and grammar tools!!)

·        Precede each article write-up by citing the article in the following format (omitting this info if not available):

Last Name, First Name "Article Title," Journal Name (month date, year) pages  

for example:
Levy, Stephen and Hafner, Katie  “Disney Magic,” US News & World Report (June 2, 2003) pg.52+

·         Articles should be current, within the last two years (dated September 2008 or later)

·         Following the article citation, in two paragraphs per article (minimum of four sentences per paragraph), describe in your own words what the article was about and your reaction to the article.

The sources listed below are allowable references for reading assignments.  Other sources may be used ONLY if prior approved by the instructor via email.

Wall Street Journal (wsj.com/classroom)

Business Week (businessweek.com)

Time (time.com)


US News & World Report (usnews.com)

Fortune (fortune.com)

PC (pcmag.com)

PC World (pcw.com)

Consumer Reports

J of Accounting

J of Marketing

Sales and Marketing Management

Black Enterprise (blackenterprise.com)

Working Woman

Modern Office Technology

Business Monthly

Nation’s Business

Money (money.com)

Barrons (barrons.com)

Harvard Business Review

Advertising Age


Kiplinger’s Personal Finance (kiplinger.com)


Time-Warner Site:  www.pathfinder.com







Late work will not be accepted.

Help from the Library

Library Instruction will show you how to fulfill the following requirements of your assignment.  Use the tabs above to learn how to do the following things:

  1. Find one business-related article for each report.  (Three total reports.)
  2. Paraphrase your understanding of the article
  3. Photocopy or Print a copy of each article
  4. Cite the article
  5. Limit to current articles, within the last two years