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Writing Assignment 5:  Technological Innovation (MLA Research) – 175 pts.


Instructions:  Write a 2-3 page research paper describing an invention that is on the horizon for a chosen field (e.g. medicine, health, engineering, entertainment, media, energy, education, transportation, culinary arts, law enforcement, security, fashion, housing, military etc.). Your research should focus on what scientists and experts in specialized fields project (versus science fiction writers or bloggers). In your research paper, you should describe an innovation that is currently being developed, though is not yet available to consumers or organizations. In your research paper, you should describe the facts about this innovation (Who is working on developing this innovation? What will it do and what is its purpose? When will it be available for consumers or organizations? Why is it being developed?) and how the innovation will benefit humankind. You may also want to discuss the negative implications of developing the technology.


This culminating project is worth 175 pts. (17.5% of your final grade) and will require you to also develop a PowerPoint presentation, highlighting your research discoveries as recorded in your 2-3 page research paper. The presentation will be delivered during the final week of class (Nov. 29-Dec. 3). Please note that presentation dates are determined by sign-up sheet (on a first-come, first-serve basis) and that a project that is not presented to the class will result in a failing grade. 


The important parts of the assignment are to


1) develop a research process;

2) conduct research

3) evaluate and select research sources; 

4) Use at least three academic source (journals, books, or credible web resources)

5) properly document sources, using the MLA-style (7th edition).


This assignment will require you to learn


ü  to use the library resources to access databases and evaluate sources, developing information literacy

ü  MLA-style of documentation, including use of in-text citations and proper formatting of quotations

ü  how to compile a Works Cited page (Please note that to earn a passing grade, this assignment must include a Works Cited page.)


Here are the important dates to keep in mind as you work on this project:


Tues. Nov. 23: Rough Draft for Writing Assignment 5 (for Peer Workshop)


Mon. Nov. 29-Fri. Dec. 3: Final Draft (on the date of your presentation)

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