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General Studies 105 - Dorsey 2012: Assignment

This guide is for use by students in Angela Dorsey's General Studies (GENS) 105 classes.


Welcome to your customized library guide for Angela Dorsey's General Studies 105 class. The tabs above will help you as you use the Haselwood Library resources.
Your Research/Analysis assignment is reprinted below for your convenience"

1.       Choose a national current event. Carefully read about it in two places:

a.       On your favorite news website (e.g., http://www.cnn.com).

b.      In a traditional national newspaper (e.g. the New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc.)


2.       In a Word document, compare and contrast the differences in the way the event was portrayed by the two sources

a.       Are the authors’ names or another source provided?

b.      Are there clues that the authors are taking a biased stand in reporting? If so, describe these clues.

c.       Whom do you think the authors were writing for (intended audience)?

d.      Were facts presented the same way by both the Internet source and the print source? Explain.

e.      Did one source cover more details than the other? If so, explain your answer.





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