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Market Research

Research a service or product, define the target market, then determine the potential size of that market - using specialized data bases, government web sites, and actual reference books.

What's the Point of This Guide Anyway?

This guide is intended to connect students of BMGMT 180 with a variety of resources for conducting Market research.  Use the tabs to help you locate the type of specific resources necessary, to better understand research concepts and to complete your research.

·     Search Terms:  Most databases are best searched with only key words or short phrases. Keeping a mental or written list of your search terms and possible synonyms will help you be more effective in your searching.

·     Books: The library divides our book collection into "circulating," "reference," and "electronic" (or "eBook").  Search for books using the online Library Catalog or the new Primo search tool.

·     Articles: Search for newspaper, magazine, and journal articles using the library's subscription databases or the new Primo search tool.  From off campus you will need to enter your student I.D. number and last name to gain access.

·     More Search Tips: Find additional tips for making your research process more effective.

·     MLA Citations: Your Instructor requires you to use the MLA (Modern Language Association) style when writing papers and citing your sources.

Assignment Outline

Step 1: Identify your North American Industry Classification (NAICS).  You can locate this on the internet, or through a reference book at most libraries. (1 point)

Step 2: Find and visit a legitimate industry website for your selected service or product.  Summarize (1-2 paragraphs) the information available at the website; including any trends or projections for your product or service.  Explain your level if confidence in the information provided. (3 points)

Step 3: Find and visit at least two government websites that provide information about your selected product or service.  Sumarize the information provided at each website (1 paragraph each) and how these sites might help you reach your target market. (4 points)

Step 4: Locate at least two academic articles that discuss the potential for your product or service, or describe the economic outlook for your targeted market segment.  Provide a brief summary of each article and your level of confidence in the information, based on the source. (4 points)

Step 5: Locate at least one reference book in the collection at Olympic College or Kitsap Regional Library that provides market information about your product or service.  Provide a short description of how you could use this source for market information. (2 points)

Step 6: Determine if your target market is local (e.g., Kitsap County) regional (e.g., Puget Sound), national or international.  Identify and visit at least one other source of marketing information that specifically addresses this market area. (2 points)

Step 7: CITE YOUR SOURCES! For every website, book and article used for Steps 1-6 above, cite your source in MLA format.  this bibliography can be added to your final marketing plan as an Appendix. (4 points)