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Career & Education Research

This guide offers suggestions for researching career choices as well as specific educational programs and degree requirements.

Step 1

Find out which schools have which kinds of programs. 

  • WOIS  Click on "Educational Programs" to search for a certain type of program and see which schools in Washington State offer which kinds of degrees or certificates.

  • The Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges has provided a starting point to search for programs that are available at the Washington State colleges- Becoming a Student.

Step 2

Once you find a program and school name, you can go to that school's website and search for their online catalog, which will usually list the exact degree requirements for that particular program at that particular institution.

  • Olympic College Catalog (use the search function in this pdf document to find your program)
  • Do a Google Search for the school name and "degree requirements" for general graduation requirements.
  • Do a Google Search for the school name and "catalog" to get to the current catalog, which will list requirements for specific majors.  If the Catalog is a .pdf document you can then do a quick search for your major.

Step 3

  • Make an appointment with an Adviser in the Advising Office located in HSS, Building 4. They will know best which classes are transferable, and when classes will be offered on a quarterly basis.