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HIST 219 - Deb Lamb - Winter 2011: Books

Native American history.

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Olympic College Library has a collection of of over 77,000 hardcopy books and around 7,000 ebooks, including hundreds of titles having to do with Native American issues and culture.  They can all be found by searching the Library Catalog.  The ebooks are identified by the phrase "[electronic resource]" after the title in the bibliographic record.  Click on the title and then on Open Electronic Book in the full record to access the full text of the ebook.  This can be done both on and off campus.  If you need help in locating a book about your topic, use our Ask a Librarian chat and email service.

O.C. Library shelves its hardcopy book collection by Dewey Decimal Classification number, which divides knowledge into ten broad categories.  A lot of titles about Native Americans are found in the Dewey numbers for history of North America - 970-979, with a concentration of them in the numbers 970.00497 to 970.6.  However, books about Native Americans are found in almost all areas of the Dewey Decimal Classification system (see list below). 

O.C. Library shelves its book collection in different areas based on such things as the purpose or use of the book.  An encyclopedia on Native American religion would be shelved in the Reference Collection and a journalistic account of a Native American shaman ceremony would be shelved in the Nonfiction Circulating Collection, but they would both have the same Dewey number.

For help in finding books on your topic, use our Ask a Librarian service.


A Selection of Titles on Native Americans

The following titles represent a small sample of the hardcopy books on Native Americans in the OC Library collection.  I choose these particular titles because they cover a range of suitable topics for research. They can all be found on the 2nd floor of Haselwood Library on the Bremerton Campus and, unlike reference books, they can all be checked out.


Churchill, Ward.  Kill the Indian, Save the Man: The Genocidal Impact of American Indian Residential Schools.  San Francisco: City Lights, 2004.  Print.  371.829 Ch475k


Coleman, Michael C.  American Indian Children at School, 1850-1930.  Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, 1993.  Print.  371.9797 Co677a


Bettelyoun, Susan Bordeaux.  With My Own Eyes: A Lakota Woman Tells Her People’s History.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1998.  Print.  973.0497 Be466w


Costo, Rupert.  Indian Treaties: Two Centuries of Dishonor.  San Francisco: Indian Historian Press, 1977.  Print.  342.73087 Co824i


Green, Michael D.  The Politics of Indian Removal: Creek Government and Society in Crisis.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1985.  Print.  970.00497 Gr824p


King, C. Richard and Charles Fruehling Springwood, eds.  Team Spirits: The Native Americans Mascots Controversy.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2001.  Print.  306.483 Te222k


Kirk, Ruth.  Hunters of the Whale: An Adventure of Northwest Coast Archaeology.  New York: Morrow, 1974.  Print.  970.3 Ki635h


La Flesche, Francis.  The Middle Five: Indian Schoolboys of the Omaha Tribe.  Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1963.  Print. 970.3 La133m


Lomawaima, K. Tsianina.  “To Remain an Indian”: Lessons in Democracy from a Century of Native American Education.  New York: Teachers College Press, 2006.  Print.  371.8299 Lo837r


Mihesuah, Devon A.  Repatriation Reader: Who Owns American Indian Remains?  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2000.  Print.  973.0497 Re299m


Moore, MariJo, ed.  Eating Fire, Tasting Blood: Breaking the Great Silence of the American Indian Holocaust.  New York: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2006.  Print.  305.897 Ea82m


Moore, MariJo, ed.  Genocide of the Mind: New Native American Writing.  New York: Thunder’s Mouth Press, 2003.  Print.  305.897 Ge288m


Prucha, Francis Paul.  American Indian Treaties: The History of a Political Anomaly.  Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994.  Print.  342.73087 Pr950a


Reyhner, Jon Allen.  American Indian Education: A History.  Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2004.  Print.  371.829 Re330a


St. Pierre, Mark.  Madonna Swan: A Lakota Woman’s Story.  Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1991.  Print.  B Sw245s


Schrader, Robert Fay.  The Indian Arts & Crafts Board: An Aspect of New Deal Indian Policy.  Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1983.  Print.  353.973 Sch69i


Smith, Huston.  A Seat at the Table: Huston Smith in Conversation with Native Americans on Religious Freedom.  Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006.  Print.  323.442 Sm58s


Spindel, Carol.  Dancing at Halftime: Sports and the Controversy over American Indian Mascots.  New York: New York University Press, 2000.  Print.  306.483 Sp46d


Sullivan, Robert.  A Whale Hunt.  New York: Scribner, 2000.  Print.  639.2808 Su55w 2000


Szasz, Margaret.  Education and the American Indian: The Road to Self-Determination, 1928-1973.  Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1974.  Print.  370.9701 Sz18e


Trafzer, Clifford E., Jean A. Keller, and Lorene Sisquoc, eds.  Boarding School Blues: Revisiting American Indian Educational Experiences.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2006.  Print.  371.8299 Bo830t


Weinberg, Marjorie.  The Real Rosebud: The Triumph of a Lakota Woman.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2004.  Print.  B Ye381w


Wilkinson, Charles F.  Messages from Frank’s Landing: A Story of Salmon, Treaties, and the Indian Way.  Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2000.  Print.  639.2756 Wi659m