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Market Research

Research a service or product, define the target market, then determine the potential size of that market - using specialized data bases, government web sites, and actual reference books.

#4 Finding Academic Articles

Locate at least two academic articles that discuss the potential for your product or service, or describe the economic outlook for your targeted market segment.  Provide a brief summary of each article and your level of confidence in the information, based on the source. (4 points).

The library subscribes to HUGE databases (collections) with thousands of articles - many of which you cannot find with Google (or if you can find them, you can't read them without paying money).  Your student ID and last name will even let you search them from off campus (including times when the library is closed!) 


LibGuides & Subject Directories - an alternative to open web search

As an alternative to search engines, try OC LibGuides - created for classes taught here.  A subject directory from the Library's list of mostly non-commercial portals to the reviewed portion of the Web. These directories are created with academia in mind, so by using them as a finding tool, you are likely to get high-quality materials in return. They are also handy tools to use when searching for term paper topics, or for trying to narrow the focus of a topic.