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Market Research

Research a service or product, define the target market, then determine the potential size of that market - using specialized data bases, government web sites, and actual reference books.

Step #5 - Reference

Locate at least one reference book in the collection at Olympic College or Kitsap Regional Library that provides market information about your product or service.  Provide a short description of how you could use this source for market information. (2 points)

Electronic Encyclopedias

Reference materials on the shelf

Start your search in the OC catalog with terms like 'market*', 'industry', 'business' (the * gets you market, markets, marketing, etc.) as a subject, in a title, or as a key word.

338.0973 En19f  Encyclopedia of American business (Shelton)

338.0973 En19h  Encyclopedia of American industries  

338.542 Bu964g  Business cycles and depressions: an encyclopedia

338.7 En19c   Encyclopedia of emerging industries 

650.03 En19m  Encyclopedia of business 

658.022 Hi559e  Encyclopedia of small business  

658.8 Tr710d   The discipline of market leaders  

658.802 An23L  The long tail: why the future of business is selling less of more

658.802 We433m  Market segmentation : using demographics, psychographics, and other niche marketing techniques to predict and model customer behavior 

745.5068 Sco85c The Crafts Business encyclopedia

From the Kitsap Regional Library (www.KRL.org ):

Search the KRL catalog for the  the title BOOM : marketing to the ultimater power consumer - the baby boomer woman

Search the KRL catalog for the subject Marketing