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Resources for studying mathematics and statistics.

Course Project for Professor Kimball's class

Choose your adventure!

1) Create a survey and analyze your findings.

See your professor for more guidance.

2) Critique an existing study's statistics and data. *More info below*

Critics can and should consider: Blindness, placebo, control, anecdotal, sample size, ect. Really put them under the microscope! 

3) Explore statistical theories and tools outside the scope of the class. *More info below*

This could be probabilities, or non-normal distributions and everything in-between!

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2. Finding a peer-reviewed study to critique

Choose just a couple keywords based on a topic of interest, for example, "murder rate." 

Go to ScienceDirect (you will need to log on when prompted if you are off-campus).

Enter your keywords in the search box and then scan your results.

Look for a Research Article that offers statistics that you can analyze.

Download the PDF of the article.

Open the article and scan through it, paying close attention to the graphs and charts to determine if you want to analyze this research.

Stop by the Information Desk in the library for more assistance on finding an article, or use the chat widget.

3. Finding a book on statistical theories outside the class scope