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Hollywood Version of History: Movie Reviews

Deb Lamb's HIST 230.

  Movie Reviews in Books

There are dozens of hardcopy books owned by the Olympic College Library that are collections, or anthologies, of movie reviews.  Thirteen of these are by noted film critic, Pauline Kael.  To see what we have, enter the subject heading "motion pictures reviews" in the Library Catalog search box below.

  OC Library Catalog

    Movie Reviews on the Web - Choice Review

Movie Review Sites http://movie-review-sites.choice-review.com/

About Choice Review

 Choice Review is a review site which looks at the choices available in popular subjects online and reviews the best, with a top 10 directory and top choices for every subject reviewed.  The link above is to the best online movie review sites.

The most popular and most linked to sites are used as a short list for each subject. A set of criteria are then set according to popular demand and what users want in that subject, and this is used to evaluate each site on the short list. A top 10 directory is then drawn up for each subject, and the top choices from it reviewed.

That way you get a one-stop reference to the best online for that subject.