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Lost Library Items & Transcript Holds

OC Libraries have a fairly generous overdue item / fines & fees policy: we send out two overdue notices approximately a week apart when an item is overdue (less time with items that check out for less than two weeks) before an item has fines placed on it, and then we send out a fines / fees notice.  At this point we also begin calling patrons to let them know that they have late items.

Note that the exception to this is DMA equipment which must be returned the next day unless you are using one of your three weekend check-outs per quarter.

If a period of a week goes by and the item still has not been returned to us we place transcript holds on the student's account.  What this means is that you will not be able to register for classes, get grades, or receive your financial aid or order transcripts until either the item is returned or paid for.

If if you are returning an item and have a transcript hold on your account, please let the person at the check-out desk know that you have a transcript hold - we are normally able to remove those at the time we recieve the item if it is between 9:00a. & 5:00p.  Materials returned at night will have the transcript hold removed the next day, and items returned on weekends will have the hold cleared the following business day (usually Monday.)

If you pay for an item (we charge replacement cost + a $5.00 processing fee - the cost will be on the fines & fees notice) please note that you must pay for the item at the Cashier's Office and then bring the receipt to the library - we cannot remove a hold without proof of payment, and the Cashier's Office does not routinely verify when lost items have been paid for.