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Identification Requirements

To checkout a camera, students must have:

-DMA card generated by the tech. instructor (see below)

-*Student ID or

-*State-issued driver's license

DMA Card

Camera Checkout Contract

The contract is filled out by first-time-per-quarter patrons checking out a camera.

Camera Checkout Form

Cameras / Check-out & Check-in Procedures

Cameras / DMA Equipment

DMA Equipment/ Camera Check-Out:

*Please note that the process of checking cameras takes time.  We cannot skip steps of the process if you’re in a rush to get to your next class, especially if we have multiple DMA students checking out equipment at the same time.

1. Present ID. We need to see the student’s DMA card and some kind of photo ID. If you don’t have both, you need to go get them before you can check out a camera. WE DO NOT CHECK OUT CAMERAS WITHOUT ID OR WITHOUT PROOF OF BEING IN THE DMA PROGRAM.

The only people that are allowed to check DMA equipment out to are IMM Students and Faculty. Period. Any other Faculty, Staff, Administrators, or Students need a note of permission from Joe Silverthorn.

2. Sign an DMA Checkout Policy Contract. You must fill out a contract if this is your first time borrowing DMA equipment for the quarter.

3. Fill out a “Check Out List for Digital Cameras” form.  Only you verify what is in the bag. Our Circulation Assistants are not allowed to handle the camera equipment that is in the bag beyond checking it out to you.  Please make sure to draw a line through anything that isn’t there, and that you’re checking the “out” boxes.  All of the various cables in a camera bag are labeled. Do NOT check items off automatically without making sure they’re in the bag. Drawing a line through something is the difference between being charged $20.00 to replace a cable vs. being charged $880.00 to replace the whole camera.

5. Please remember to return the camera in good order – batteries charged, flash card has images removed, strap is still attached, etc. Also remember that, upon return, you’re going to need to take a picture (or play some video footage) and show it to the CA who’s checking the camera in, so having some kind of charge on the battery is mandatory.

6. Extraneous equipment: Remember that tripods, camera manuals, etc. need to be listed on the form. We need a form for every transaction, even if you’re is just checking out a tripod.

7. Sign and write your student ID number and current phone number on the form.


Checking DMA Items back in:

1. The Circulation Assistant will get your Check Out List from the notebook.

2. Critical: take a snapshot of something around the Circ Desk (even the Circulation Assistant, if necessary) and show it to them, or show video footage (if it’s a Video Camera.) This is to show that the camera still works! If the battery isn’t charged, you need to go charge it and come back.  It is not our responsibility to charge batteries.

3. Go through the camera bag and check off the “In” box of everything that is being returned. CA’s do not do this (this is for your own protection.) This is where the lines through anything that wasn’t in the bag during check-out become a time saver. If anything is missing, we will NOT discharge the camera.

4. The Circulation Assistant will discharge the camera off of your account and you are free to go.