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HL 127 Classroom

HL 127 is a classroom in the Haselwood Library that consists of 32 internet-connected computers and a teaching workstation. The room was designed, built, and outfitted primarily for information literacy (IL) instruction*, and secondarily as an open-access computer laboratory. HL 127 opened its door, along with the library, in spring 2000.

From library faculty, students learn how to best approach their research assignments since most IL workshops are tailored specifically to each professor’s outcomes. Professors, OC administrators, and hired trainers also use HL 127 for IL instruction. Most training sessions last from 1 to 4 hours.

IL workshops delivered by library faculty have priority over all other uses of the classroom.

IL workshops may be scheduled 3 ways: 1) At the Information Desk, located near the library’s main entrance, 2) by calling 360-475-7252, or 3) email librarians@oc.ctc.edu.

When not in use for IL instruction, the room serves as an open-access computing laboratory. Open laboratory users are obliged to observe OC’s “Rules & Policies” regarding acceptable behavior.**

IL instruction and open computer access constitute the intended uses of the room. The following guidelines illustrate both acceptable and unacceptable scheduling.

Acceptable scheduling of HL 127

IL workshops delivered by, or for Library Faculty and library staff


A librarian leads a 2-hour workshop on how to do research for an English 102 class

An expert in Voyager Access reports leads a 2-day training session for community college librarians in Washington

Follow-up sessions after Librarian’s IL workshop (limited to 2 additional sessions)


A Professor uses the room for a second and third time after the librarian’s workshop in order for students to practice their newly acquired skills.

IL workshops for OC faculty & staff development


An OC administrator gives a 1-hour workshop on how to use “Instructor’s Brief Case”;

An MS Office Suite trainer, hired by The Center for Teaching and Learning, gives a 4-hour workshop on MS Word.

IL workshops by professors


An English professor shows students how to login, access their OC email accounts, and use their storage space on the OC server;

A General Studies professor gives students workshop on MS Word basics;

A psychology professor gives students a presentation about the best Web sites in his discipline;

A biology professor leads a workshop involving the NIH’s human genome Web site.

Support for distance learning


Media Services schedules telecourse orientations during the first week of each quarter.

A professor involved in a hybrid course delivers a workshop on how to use the discussion board in Blackboard.

IL workshops for the information-professional community


A trainer from ProQuest (a database vendor) uses the room for a 4-hour workshop attended by library employees throughout the West Sound region.

A trainer from OCLC (a non-profit library cooperative) presents an all-day workshop on how to use their inter-library loan system.

Unacceptable scheduling of HL 127

Study hall

Example: Professor schedules the room when she is out of town, or otherwise needs to fill class time.

Alternative class room

Example: A professor routinely moves his class to HL127 because of the inadequacies of his assigned classroom.

Administration of exams.

Example: Professor seeks classroom space for scheduling a test, exam, or final exam.

Multi-day training sessions

Example: A financial aid software trainer, hired by the Information Technology department, gives a workshop lasting more than one full day.

Any other use outside the realm of IL instruction or open-access computing

* IL instruction encompasses training that supports the outcomes enumerated in ACRL’s
“Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education”. http://www.ala.org/ala/acrl/acrlstandards/informationliteracycompetency.htm, and the Information Competency guidelines enumerated in OC’s “Core Abilities” document.

**“Rules & Policies” may be found at http://www.olympic.edu/CampusResources/ComputerLabs/StudentCompGuide/RulesPolicies/

Draft submitted to librarians@oc.ctc.edu and Dean of Library/Media for comment: 9 Jan. 2006
Second draft submitted to librarians@oc.ctc.edu and Dean of Library/Media for comment: 30 Jan. 2006
Approved by librarians@oc.ctc.edu and Dean of Library/Media: 13 Feb 2006
Revision submitted to librarians and Dean of Library/Media: 18 Nov. 2009
Approved by librarians and Dean of Library/Media: 25 Nov. 2009