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Food, Drink, Tobacco & Cell Phones

Food, Drink, Tobacco, Cellphone, & Noise Policy

1. Introduction

It is the policy of the OC Library to maintain an environment appropriate for the protection of library materials and conducive to study.  Students and other researchers expect to find quiet areas for study and the Library is obligated to provide this type of environment.  Food, beverages, and tobacco attract rodents, cockroaches, silverfish, and other unwanted pests that damage library materials.  By complying with the policy, users and staff will help maintain a clean and quiet work environment, pest-free building, and aid in the preservation of our collection for future generations.

2. Food

Eating in the Library is prohibited.

3. Drink

No drinks are allowed in the computer labs (IT Student Computing Guide Rules & Policies).  In the rest of the Library, drinking beverages is allowed only from covered, spill-proof containers.

Acceptable containers are spill-proof mugs and cups with secure lids and small drinking holes, sports bottles with drinking spouts that can be closed, and capped plastic bottles.

Unacceptable containers include aluminum cans, open cups or mugs, and glass bottles.

4. Tobacco

Smoking and chewing tobacco are prohibited (College Policy 406).

5. Cell Phones and Other Devices

Cell phones should be off or switched to a silent mode while in the Library.  Anyone receiving a call must immediately put the call on hold and move outside the Library to use a phone.  If making a call, we ask that you move outside the Library to initiate your call.

The volume of headphones and other audio devices must be such that sound is not heard by other users.

6. Noise

In consideration of others, voices should be kept low.  In the group study rooms, conversations may be held at a moderate level that does not disturb the occupants of adjacent rooms.  The Library is also used as a teaching space where library and teaching faculty and library staff must converse with users in assisting them to locate and understand the Library’s information resources.  The technology provided by the Library, such as computers, printers, and photocopiers, also produce noise.  The Library has established the following quiet zones where noise should be kept to a minimum:  the entire second floor and the basement except for the group study rooms.

7. Cooperation

We appreciate your cooperation in protecting the library environment.  Library staff will ask those who do not respect this policy to comply.  Failure to follow the instructions of a college official is a violation of the Student Conduct Code and may result in disciplinary action.