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ENGL 102 - Davenport: Research Process

About the Research Process

The librarians at Seattle Community College have come up with a very good tutorial on the research process that can help you understand how the process is intuitive and flexible.  They say, in part: 

"Whether you are seeking existing information or exploring new or complex questions, research builds on knowledge and information that others have created.  ... A puzzle is one way to visualize the phases. Each interconnected phase represents a piece of the whole puzzle."

When you learn a few basics of library research the pieces of the puzzle can fit together more easily.  Take a look through their tutorial if you have time.


The Research Process Puzzle

The Research Process Puzzle

The "Reflect Learn Connect" graphic is part of Seattle Community Colleges Library IRIS (Information & Research Instruction Suite) tutorial here:  http://seattlecentral.edu/iris/overview/research_process/process.shtml