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ENGL 102 - Davenport: Consider Types of Sources

Types of Sources

When you understand what types of information are published in each type of resource, you will be able to choose a resource most suitable to your research needs. 

Reference Works: 
The best resource to find a concise overview or summary of a topic, written by a topic specialist. Often lists additional references.  We have both print and electronic reference works.

Example of a print reference source:    
Encyclopedia of smoking and tobacco

    Reference - 1st Floor - Bremerton Campus
    Call Number:
362.296 Hi616e

The best resource to find more in-depth analysis of a subject although it may not be as broad a view as a reference work.  Not as current as periodical articles.  We have both print and electronic books.

Example of a print book:
  Combating teen smoking : research and policy strategies
   Non-Fiction Circulating Bks - 2nd Floor - Bremerton Campus
   Call Number: 362.2967 Co731j

Periodical Articles: 
The best source for small segments of a topic, current articles on a topic, analysis of current events, and/or targeted research studies.  Can be newspapers, trade journals, popular magazines, or scholarly journals.  We have both print and electronic periodicals.

    Example of a scholarly article:
OCathail, SM, et al. "Association of Cigarette Smoking with Drug use and Risk Taking Behaviour in Irish Teenagers." Addictive Behaviors 36.5 (2011):   547. ProQuest Research Library. Web. 17 Jan. 2012.