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ENGL 98 - Ogo: Annotated Bibliography Assignment: Choosing a Topic

General Approaches for Choosing a Topic

Choose a debatable topic - It can be any topic you find interesting, just make sure you are very interested in learning and writing about it because this will also be the topic for your next essay.

Take care to ensure that it isn’t too broad or too narrow.

In addition to the other resources listed on this page, you might also look at

* Current newspaper and magazine headlines for "hot button" issues

* Do you have to write a paper on a certain topic for another class? Maybe the topic would work here too.

* 10,000 Ideas for Term Papers, Projects, Reports and Speeches, 5th ed., Call Number: Ref 808.042 La188t5

This book is located on the first floor in the reference area near the computers.  Bremerton Campus.

Tips For Choosing a Topic

Help with Topics: Review These Selected Library Reference Sources

Adapted from the "Basics of Library Research" LibGuide - by Leslie Hasset