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Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed Content: Explained

In a nutshell

  • Scholarly sources are more thoroughly reviewed than popular sources
  • Peer-reviewed content is rigorously vetted for accuracy
  • Scholarly & peer-reviewed content may come in many different containers
    • Journals
    • Books
    • Specialized encyclopedias
    • Academic Web sites (.edu)
    • Government agencies (.gov)
    • Professional organizations (.org)
  • When in doubt, consult your professor to see whether a particular article is acceptable

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Librarians as NCSU made this video for their students. Be sure to connect to your own resources through OC Libraries.


Use filters to get scholarly articles

Primo filter peer-reviewed journalsUse OneSearch to search several article databases simultaneously.

On the results page, use the left-hand "Show only" filter, "Peer-reviewed Journals" to limit your results to scholarly articles.

EBSCO filter scholarly journals​EBSCO article databases have a similar filter in a similar location.

Look for the check box "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" on the left side of your search results.

Google Scholar

filters your search results automatically for scholarly content. Use filters to eliminate citations and restrict the age of articles in results. 

Be sure to connect Google Scholar to OC Libraries so you have links to articles in OC databases! Instructions below.

Google Scholar Search