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Subject & Specialized Encyclopedias

Subject encyclopedias focus on a particular topic or are written from particular scholarly perspective (sociological, medical, historical etc.). Specialized dictionaries, handbooks, and companions can also provide more nuanced overviews of topics. Use subject or specialized encyclopedias to:  

  • Refine a topic
  • Get background information (history, definitions, statistics, etc.)
  • Identify new keywords to use in your searching and writing
  • Find recommended reading lists on a topic

Here is an example of a subject encyclopedia:

Recommended Reference Collections

Searching the Library Catalog for Encyclopedias

Find print and electronic encyclopedias in our collection by combining your topic keywords with the word "encyclopedia" in the search bar below. EXAMPLE: "conflict and encyclopedia"  You might also try combining topic keywords with words like "handbook," "dictionary," "research guide," or "companion." 

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