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ENGL 101 - Hudson: Assignments

Research help for your assignments



This Research Guide will help you find resources for assignment in your class. The assigment description are included below and the other tabs will help you locate sources you need and show you examples of what is available to you.

Compare and Contrast Assignment

Here is an assignment description from your instructor-

You will be comparing and contrasting Martin Luther King, Jr.'s 1963 "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" and Barack Obama's speech given in March 2008, "A More Perfect Union."  

Draft a topic outline for a three to five page essay about these two speeches using the Compare and Contrast method. Remember that you need to state your thesis at the beginning of the outline. Also note what types of research you will use to talk about these two texts.

Be sure to note your responses and thoughts as you listen to and read these public addresses.  Also, be prepared to watch and read more than once.

Borderlands Topic Assignment

Draft a topic outline for a five- to seven-page Argument Persuasion essay about one of the topics on the Borderland Topics list I handed out in class.  You can also find the list in the Argument Persuasion folder in Files. 

I would like you to find a topic that you identify with in some way.  These list is of broad, general topics.  You will need to narrow the topic down to produce a concise and persuasive paper. 

Remember that you need to state your thesis at the beginning of the outline. Also note what types of research you plan to use to get information about your topic.  Be sure to read or re-read the "The Science of Why we Don't Believe Science" article in Files before you start your research.




  • New Driver’s license limits for teens and seniors
  • Any type of addiction
  • New WA law on involuntary treatment of addicted minors
  • PTSD in Cops
  • Domestic Violence
  • Dementia  or Alzheimer’s treatment
  • Elder abuse or nursing home quality control
  • Depression
  • Cutting
  • Teen suicide
  • Middle American mortality increases
  • Zika virus
  • Assisted suicide
  • Veterans’ health
  • Health care for the Homeless
  • Accessibility at work and school
  • Football concussions  or new rules for student athletes
  • Medicare and Affordable Care Act
  • One-Provider health care
  • Plastic surgery
  • Organ Transplants
  • Mental Illness stigmas
  • Seniors in the workforce and Volunteering
  • Hormone therapy for Trans people
  • Sizeism
  • Eating Disorders
  • Older women in the film industry


  • Sex slavery
  • Legalizing prostitution
  • Hyper masculinity in popular culture
  • How women are portrayed in the media
  • Homophobia
  • Scapegoating
  • The “Princess” Industry
  • Sizeism
  • Female body image
  • Women in the film industry
  • Scapegoating
  • Beauty pageants
  • Equal Pay
  • Hormone therapy for Trans people
  • Transphobia
  • Trans Restrooms
  • Abortion
  • Adoptions for gay couples
  • Sexual assault reporting


  • Border Patrols
  • The Wall
  • Deportation
  • School to prison pipeline
  • Inequality of prison sentencing
  • Racism in Police Forces
  • Profiling
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Immigration
  • Innocence Project: Freeing convicted yet innocent people


  • Freedom of Religion in Business : Refusing  Gays,  Birth control benefits for Catholic Company employers, Pharmacists refusing to give drugs
  • Women & Gays in Churches
  • Catholic women becoming Deacons
  • Islamophobia
  • Anti-Semitism & Skinheads
  • Prayer in schools
  • Pledge of Allegiance