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Electronic Resources

A how-to guide for electronic resources

Frequent issues

Q: I am being asked to log in with a username and password and I don't know what to put.

A: You may have tried to reach the database or article from out on the web.  Make sure you use the database and article links only available from the OC Libraries website.  Those links will specifically instruct you to log in with your "OC email address" and "OC network password."

Q: I don't remember/know my OC email address and password to log in.

A: This is the same information that you use to log in to Canvas, your OC email, and your Microsoft 365 accounts. For students, your email address is  your first name and last name, followed by @student.olympic.edu.  For example, Jane Doe would be janedoe@student.olympic.edu. Some students may have a number between their last name and the @ symbol. You can reset your OC network password here: https://apps.olympic.edu/studentaccountmanagement/ or contact the I.T. Help Desk at  (360) 475-7600 or helpdesk@olympic.edu

For additional help with your OC username and password, see this page: https://www.olympic.edu/services/computer-labs/accounts

Q: I'm trying to access an article through the library's website but it isn't displaying properly. 

A: First, try a different browser.  Some databases require an updated browser, or work poorly in certain browsers. A recent version of Google Chrome is usually a good bet. You can also try clearing your browser history.

Second, if you are trying to open a full text document, make sure you have a free pdf reader downloaded on your computer, like Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

If these tips don't work, contact us using the links in the page header by Ask a Librarian.

Q: I get an error message that says something about "ezproxy."

A: Please email our electronic services librarian at aherman@olympic.edu Include as many details as possible, such as the database or link you were trying to access, the name of the article or eBook you were trying to access, etc. Exact error messages are important and screenshots are helpful!

Q: Do you have a digital copy of my textbook for my class?

A: Unfortunately, it's unlikely that the library has an electronic copy of your textbook available for you to use this quarter.  However you can use the OneSearch tool on our library home page to search for the title of the book, or the eISBN if you know it.  You can also use the Chat and Email services located at the top right of the home page if you'd like to ask a librarian to assist you or to double check. 

Remember, it's the OC Bookstore that sells and rents textbooks. If you cannot afford to purchase or rent your textbook, try contacting the Students In Need Group (SING) office for assistance, or the Running Start office if you are in the Running Start program.

Q: I can't find anything/enough on my topic. How do I get help from a librarian right now?

A: Good news!  OC Libraries offer a 24/7/365 live chat service. On the top right of the library's web pages is a button that says, "Chat." Click on that button and then fill in your email address and question, and connect.  Within a couple of minutes you should be typing back and forth with a real librarian who works at a college or university in the United States.  During regular business hours (M-F 8am-5pm) you may also be connecting directly with one of your own OC Librarians! You can also use the "Email" button if you prefer to email a question to OC librarians and wait for a response.