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HIST 219 - Deb Lamb - Winter 2011: Home

Native American history.

Researching a History Topic

Birney, Montana. August 1941. Marion Post Wolcott, photographer. From the Library of Congress.

Final Project: Guidelines and Requirements

Requirements for the Research Paper and

 Leading a Class Discussion


Select an article

Read your article thoroughly several times (since you are expected to be the “authority” on the article) and identify several issues or events contained within the article that you would like to know more about.  One of these issues or events will become the topic for your research paper.  If you are sharing the article with a partner you need to make sure that you select different topics or events for your research papers. 


Write a research-based paper

You will need to research your topic using scholarly sources and write a five to seven page paper on your research.  The intent is to provide your classmates with information not contained in the article, which you will present to them during the introduction to your class discussion.

·         A minimum of four scholarly sources (books and articles) is required for your research and only one of those sources may originate with the Internet (no .com sites).  Wikipedia and general encyclopedias are not considered scholarly sources.  Although you may use your textbook and the assigned articles for background information, they may not be used to meet the minimum number of sources for your research paper.

·         The paper must be in the form of an essay and must be properly cited (footnoted) with an accompanying works cited page.  Failure to cite sources will be considered plagiarism and will result in no credit for this course requirement.

·         Your paper must be a minimum of five full pages in length, not including works cited or title pages, with no larger than 12 point Arial font and 1 inch margins.  Your paper is due on February 23 – late papers will not be accepted.


Develop discussion questions

You will need to develop discussion questions based on your selected article.  If you are sharing the article with a partner you will need to work together to develop these questions.  Your questions must be turned into me in electronic format (email is OK, but send as a Word attachment) on Monday of the week before your presentation.  The class discussion you (and your partner) lead will be based on these questions and should be about 25 minutes in length.  You are invited to be creative in how you organize and present the discussion.


Present your research as the introduction to your class discussion

You will need to prepare and make a five to seven minute presentation of your research as an introduction to the discussion of your article.  (You and your partner will make separate presentations.)  Creativity and the use of appropriate visual supports are encouraged.  You will need to turn in a typed outline of your introduction, including citations for your visual sources (you may use Internet sources for your visuals).





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