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MISSION:  The BAS in Organizational Leadership and Technical Management exists to facilitate the transformation of technical professionals into technical leaders.

VISION:  Our vision is to educate technical professionals across a wide range of professions to serve as leaders who foster continuous improvement and empower the growth of others in their organization, community, and world.

PROGRAM MOTTO: Be the Change.

2015-2017 COHORT MOTTO: Esprit de Corps.

2016-2018 COHORT MOTTO: Leading by Example: Changing the Future by Changing Ourselves.

2017-2019 COHORT MOTTO: Change Presented. Challenge Accepted.

2018-2020 COHORT MOTTO: Grow through what you go through. There's no "I" in cohort.


This LibGuide offers information on finding information for the Organizational Leadership and Technical Management, Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS OLTM) degree. The OLTM degree offers coursework for management professionals in technical arenas such as defense, marine, aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare and technology. 

Please send suggestions for books & helpful websites to Amanda Cain at acain@olympic.edu.

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, successful students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:


1.    Construct a philosophy of leadership to guide action 

2.    Identify intrapersonal and interpersonal skills necessary to lead with personal and relational competence

3.    Design strategies to build and sustain an ethical organizational culture

4.    Describe methodologies and tools to facilitate operational excellence

5.    Utilize reflection and research skills to analyze problems and formulate solutions

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