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Sociology: Journal Articles

This guide presents a general overview of library research for students enrolled in Sociology classes at Olympic College.

Popular Databases

**Off-campus users: Click on the database name below and at the prompts, enter your student ID number and your last name.

Below is a partial list.  Please look for more article databases in the alphabetical and subject tabs above.

Finding Full Text

Sometimes you will only see the abstract/citation for an article in our databases, with no link to the full-text article itself.  First, check to make sure that you are not missing the link to a pdf version...sometimes it's hard to see!  If that's not the problem, see below.

1.  Unless you have limited your search to "Full Text" articles only, you may encounter search results that do NOT have a full-text viewing option.  This means that the full article is not available in that particular database. 


2.  It may be available, full text, in a different database.  To find out, use the Journal Search Widget on this page, or use the "Periodicals Holdings A-Z" link on the library home page, and enter the JOURNAL title.  If we do not have ANY full-text subscriptions to your title, you will see "0 Records" displayed.  IF we DO have it, you will see a listing of the database(s) that contain full-text of the title, and the time period for which we have full text available.  You can click on the given link to go to that journal in that database.


3.  If we do not have it in full text, click here to request an Inter-Library Loan (ILL), or contact a Librarian.  We will get the article from a library that has a full-text copy, and give it to you free of charge.  Allow 3-10 days.

Search Terms for Articles

When searching for journal articles, you can use more terms and combine them using "boolean operators" in the advanced search of most database search engines.

Use Quotations around two or three word phrases. 

"health care"
"caste system"
"occupy wall street"

Use * Asterisk for truncation, to retrieve a root word and all possible endings. 

integrat*   retrieves

discriminat*   retrieves