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This guide presents a general overview of library research for students enrolled in Sociology classes at Olympic College.


In Sociology it’s important that students are able to convey their ideas and demonstrate their understanding of the material in writing. Some things to keep in mind when writing papers or completing projects for a Sociology class:


·         Be sure you understand the source requirements of your assignment. Choose sources based on your assignment description and information need.


o   Journal articles can be found by using the databases available through the library – Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, and ProQuest (but be sure to put limiters on your search in order to ensure that your search pulls up scholarly, peer-reviewed articles).


·     Evaluate all sources with healthy skepticism. If your source does not have a date of publication and an identified author or publishing body you should avoid using it. Ask a librarian if you need help evaluating a source.


·         Presenting info or ideas that not your own is academic theft – plagiarism. When you present info that you obtained from other sources you must make reference to those sources by using parenthetical citations and a reference list. These parenthetical (in-text) citations and your reference list are to be in APA format.

earth seen from space at night showing networks of lights from cities

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