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Earl J. Bellamy Collection

Film & Television Scripts & Miscellany

Earl J. Bellamy Collection - scripts, story outlines & more

Film director and local resident Earl J. Bellamy (son of director, Earl A. Bellamy, 1917-2003)  donated 465 items, including scripts, story outlines, production budget sheets, letters, and other miscellany to Olympic College Foundation in 2016. In 2021, Olympic College Libraries acquired the collection in order to inventory the materials, organize them, care for them, and provide library users with access.

The collection comprises many mimeographed scripts of familiar titles including Baretta, Fantasy Island, Kojak, Rockford Files, Six Million Dollar Man, and Nancy Drew. It also includes scripts and story outlines set in local areas--including Seattle and Whidbey Island--providing a unique snapshot of our region in the 1960's and 70's. 

Where is the collection and how is it accessed?

The collection is housed in 1 file cabinet, 4 file boxes, and 1 legal-size box (for production budget sheets) in a secure location. Scripts and storylines are alphabetized by title in the files. There is an Excel document for the collection which includes title, producer, creator, date, and production number information where applicable. Only staff can access the collection, so please inquire about viewing materials.

title page of a script written by Kenneth Johnson