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Hot Topics

Researching a Hot Topic? 

We've collected some library resources to help you pick a topic, get more information about both sides, and bibliographies to find more sources on your topic and more!

Article Databases (all subjects)

These databases will cover a wide range of topics and will yield articles on most any subject.

Books & eBooks from the Library

Below are comparisons of some of the pro/con  available in the OC Library. When you see “Call numbers vary” in the location column, you’ll need to use OneSearch to find out the specific topics that are covered in each source/series. Do a keyword search, putting the series title in quotation marks.  For example, to see which topics are covered in Contemporary World Issues, enter our library catalog, and then type the following in the search box: “contemporary world issues series” You will get a list of all of the books in that series, including their locations on the shelves or if they are Available Online.

Librarian Recommended Web sites

Here are a few suggested websites that break down social issues by topic and provide you with links to Internet resources that are specific to that topic, and which have first been reviewed by an actual person.

What is "Reference?"

You "refer" to reference books for a concise, factual overview of a particular topic, without bias.  This makes them a GREAT place to begin your research (or help you figure out a topic to research)! Find both PRINT and ELECTRONIC reference books in OneSearch.

Topics found in these reference materials often have Resources, Bibliographies or "Further Reading".

Reference Sources

Print reference items are available for library use only. For eBooks, you will be prompted to input your OC email address and  OC password).