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Basic Search Tips

Basic Search Tips

Here are a few ways to get more relevant results in Primo...

Use quotation marks around phrases.
                “saint patrick” will retrieve… The Life of Saint Patrick by Quentin James
                saint patrick will retrieve…The Geology of Mount Saint Helens by Patrick Pringle
Use a capitalized OR to search for different possible words or phrases.
                irish OR celtic will retrieve results that have either the word Irish or Celtic in them.
Use parentheses to specify the order of how words are searched.
(irish OR celtic OR ireland) AND history will retrieve results that contain the word history and contain either the word Irish, Celtic, or Ireland.
Use an asterisk (*) at the end of a root word to find results with variant endings.
                histor* will retrieve history, historical, historian, etc. 
Use the Advanced Search screen to search for keywords in a title, subject, author etc.