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The following areas of the collection may contain books that might be helpful to you.  If you are not looking for a specific title yet, sometimes browsing the shelves can allow you to stumble upon something great!

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  • 792.068

The Best Book on Learning an accent (2nd floor)

Books to take with you (2nd floor)

To more fully search for items on accents, vocal production or speech, search the Library Catalog or browse the call number areas listed at left.

Practice Warm UPs

Try this articulation exercise—


What a to do to die to day at a minute or two to two;

 A thing distinctly hard to say and harder still to do.

 For they’ll beat a tattoo at twenty to two

 With Ah ra-ta-ta ta-ta-ta  ta-ta-ta-too

 And the dragon will come when he hears the drum

At a minute or two to two today at a minute or two to two. (Traditional)


Or how about:


To sit in solemn silence in dull, dark dock

In a pestilencial prison with a life-long long lock,

Awaiting the sensation of a short sharp shock,

From a cheap and chippy chopper on a big black block. (The Mikado, Gilbert and Sullivan)