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eBooks at Olympic College: EBSCOhost eBooks

Find out how to search and download eBooks at Olympic College Library.

eBooks on EbscoHost

Over 14,700 of our 20,000+ eBook titles can be viewed on EBSCOhost eBooks.  This can be done in two ways:

1. Directly on the web, via the EbscoHost platform

2. Downloaded offline onto your personal computer, tablet computer, eBook reader device, or smart phone.

Many of our eBooks are co-owned by other libraries, and there are limited copies available for each title.  Only one person at a time from any library can view or download an eBook copy.  So you may occasionally not be able to view or download an eBook until another person has finished with it.  Think of a print book that is not available on the shelf because someone else is using it or has already checked it out.


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