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IS 390/490

This guide gives general suggestions for library resources for students completing their capstone projects in Information Systems.

What is Google Scholar?

example image Google Scholar limits your Google search results to just scholarly literature, including articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other Web sites.

So are there any downsides?

  • Articles tend to be a bit old
  • Article links often take you to a publisher's website, which will require you to be a member to access the article, or pay a significant fee to purchase the article.

So what's a researcher to do?? Library to the rescue...!!

Google Scholar Search

Linking Google Scholar to Library Databases

To link Google Scholar to library databases, go to:

Google Scholar settings library links

Figure 1. How to add Olympic College to Google Scholar settings.

Now, when you search Google Scholar, you will see a link to the right of each article that is available either freely on the web, or as a full-text article in one of the library databases. 

Google Scholar artilce showing link to full-text at OC

Figure 2. Article in Google Scholar showing "Full-text at OC" link.