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IS 390/490

This guide gives general suggestions for library resources for students completing their capstone projects in Information Systems.

Basic Search Tips

You can easily do some "advanced" search techniques in the basic search box on the main Google home page.

More sample searches:

"employee participation" [give me only documents that contain this exact phrase]

alternatives-- whatever keywords or key phrases describe your research topic.

salsa -dance [give me results about salsa, that EXCLUDE anything to do with dancing]

alternatives-- whatever keywords you want to exclude from your results.

site:edu [return ONLY results from education websites]

alternatives-- other domains such as site:org for non-profits; site:fr for sites originating in France; etc.

filetype:pdf [return only results that are pdf documents]

alternatives-- other document types such as filetype:ppt for PowerPoint presentations; filetype:doc for Word documents; etc.

Google Advanced Search


Find Google Advanced Search at https://www.google.com/advanced_search.