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This guide contains library resources for all levels of ESOL at Olympic College.

Welcome to the Library!

Click here to see a map of the library!   

Take a book home: Use your student I.D. card to check out a book at the Check Out Desk on the main floor of the Library.  If you do not have the card with you, please show another identification card that has your photo on it.  You can take 25 books home at a time, and you can keep them for 14 days.  DVDs and videos can go home for 7 days.

Return a book:  When you are done with a book, return it to the Check Out Desk, or put it in the silver "book drop" box outside the main library doors at the bottom of the steps.

Make photocopies: The big printer in the library computer lab is also the photocopy machine. It can copy in color or black & white.  Photocopies are free for students, up to 500 copies each term.  

Use the computers:  You can use the computers in the library computer lab to access the Internet, write papers, or listen to CDs.  If you don't know your "username" and "password" for the computers, please ask the Lab Tech or Librarian at the Information Desk for help.

Printing from computers: Students may print from the computers for free, up to 500 pages each term.  The big printer prints in color and black & white.  If you have any trouble printing, please ask for help at the Information Desk.

Ask for help:  If you are at the Library you can always ask for help from the Librarian at the Information Desk.  If you are not at the Library you can call us, email us, or chat online with a Librarian.  Use this red "Ask A Librarian" link at the left of this page to do any of those things.