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HL 127

HL 127 is a classroom in the Haselwood Library that consists of 32 internet-connected computers and a teaching workstation.  The room was designed, built, and outfitted primarily for information literacy (IL) instruction, and secondarily as an open-access computer laboratory.

IL workshops delivered by library faculty have priority over all other uses of the classroom.  

 When not in use for IL instruction, the room serves as an open-access computing laboratory. Open laboratory users are obliged to observe OC’s “Rules & Policies” regarding acceptable behavior.   

IL instruction and open computer access constitute the intended uses of the room.

HL127 is not available to be reserved for study hall, alternative classroom, administration of exams, or multi-day training sessions.

Study Rooms and Contemplative Space

Study Rooms

  • Rooms may be reserved by students who need a quiet study space, who are seeking to work with others in team study efforts, or who are meeting with tutors.  For-profit business is prohibited.
  • Students may opt to share the room with others by using signs provided for that purpose. 
  • Five of the study rooms may only be reserved by groups;  001, 004, 008, 009, and 013. If unreserved, individuals may use the space.
  • Students may schedule rooms 004, 008, 009, 013 in person on a first come, first served basis by using the posted sign-up sheets located outside each room. Sheets are posted Monday morning; advance booking beyond the current week is not allowed.
    • Room 001 may be reserved by phone (360-475-7250) or in person at the Check-out Desk. 
  • Room reservations will be honored for ten minutes past the reservation time; after ten minutes, others without reservations may use the room.
  • Use of rooms is limited to two-hour intervals with a maximum of two hours per individual/group per day. 
    • If you or your group reserves more than two hours, your reservation will be removed by staff.
    • Be considerate of others and DO NOT book rooms for more than the maximum time by using the names of different group members.  
  • Personal property may not be left unattended in these rooms. Unattended items will be collected by Campus Safety. 

Contemplative Space

  • Room 005 is a contemplative space and cannot be reserved. Please limit your use to 30 minutes. Patrons who need access to the collection may enter the room at any time to access the books. 

Computer Lab

The Library computer lab is overseen by IT and they determine the polices related to that area of the library.